Basic Info

Compact Busbar Distribution System 800 A6300A
The perfect design for high current busbar systems is the compact structure where tin plated, insulated conductors are tightly placed into the sheet metal housing. The compact structure is reliable, robust and functional.

While designing an electrical distribution system with E-Line KB a few approximate details will be necessary.

  • Location, number, type and approximate ratingsof loads,
  • Transformer rates and short-circuit capacities,
  • Utilization factor= a,
  • System coordination with other distribution system (heat, water, etc ),
  • Determining the route of E-Line KB on layout,
  • If necessary, coordination of E-Line KB Busbar with E-Line KO-II runs,
  • Deciding on suitable hanger types.


  • 3 phase 4 wire, 3 phase 4,5 wire and
  • 3 phase 5 wire conductor options
  • Tap off boxes can be installed to
  • plug-in points or to bolt-on joints
  • Robust structure
  • High short circuit endurance
  • One bolt joint construction which ensures
  • quick and safe installation
  • Continuously tin plated aluminum or copper conductors
  • IP 55 protection degree
  • Multi layer insulation, Clean earth option
  • All ratings tested according to IEC 60439-2


  • All Industrial Premises
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Textile Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • As main energy transportation and distribution
  • system on horizontal and vertical runs.