Basic Info

CE-Line KO- Busbar System distributes electrical energy, both vertically and horizontally at premises where there is a need of electricity between 160 A and 800 A. It provides a prefabricated and flexible electrical distribution system for all factories engaged in mass production, like automobile plants, textile plants, furniture factories and for buildings where there is a need for frequent energy supply like business centers, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and all high rise buildings.


  • Fast, Flexible Engineering
  • Fast and Easy Mounting
  • Safe Energy Distribution and Transportation
  • Lower Total Installed Cost
  • Flexible Power Supply
  • Modern Outlook
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost
  • Tap-off Points

While designing an electrical distribution system with E-Line KO- a few approximate details will be necessary.

  • E-Line KO-E-Line KB
  • E-Line MK-KAP E-Line KO-Rated CurrentLocation, number, type and approximate
    ratings of loads,
  • Transformer rates and short-circuit capacities,
  • Utilization factor =a
  • System co-ordination with other distribution
    systems (heat, water, etc.)
  • Determining the route of on layouts,
    Deciding on suitable supports,
    If necessary, co-ordination of
    and with runs.


  • Textile Industry
  • All industrial premises
  • is frequent need for ta
  • Automotive Industry
  • Workshops
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Shopping Malls